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The Mission

We are here to reimagine what healthcare means by redefining the approach to your health-related issues with a modern holistic approach.


As physicians, we are trained and valued to treat diseases when it has already cause significant morbidity or save lives from mortality, this modality is not just expensive, inefficient but most importantly “ineffective.”

For this reason, Dr. Wilson W. Tsou, MD founded ĒSEN in 2015 after graduating from Charles University First Faculty of Medicine in Prague. The company was originally a non-profit health education blog with a mission popularising evidence based medical, health and wellness knowledge. We have a dream of re-imagining the approach to your health and wellness by bringing together world class teams around the world.

Our mission is to create a next generation healthcare platform providing healthcare anytime and anywhere with a goal of making sure you will never be hospitalized at all.

Our Service Principles


We look at your discomfort as a tip of an iceberg and believe all problems have multiple causes. Based on this principle, we form all our diagnostic and management plan processes with a multi-dimensional perspective in order to create the most comprehensive care you will ever experience.


Visiting specialists and care providers can be tasking. Through our technology, you can access all the specialists involved on one platform with a long-term follow-up system.


Our physicians act as team leaders to coordinate with all the specialists and inform them of your personal health situation, and provide you with an individualised health plan.

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